Durable and Renewable



Resists stains, scratches, common chemicals, heat, and fire:


Stains:  While all surfaces can be marred by stains and scratches during daily use, Acrylitec Surfaces is nonporous and stain-resistant. Most stains can simply be wiped or scrubbed away using water or a gently abrasive cleaner.


Scratches:  All surfaces eventually become damaged through day-to-day use, but you can easily repair minor scratches, small chips, and light scorches from cigarettes or hot pots by lightly sanding the surface then cleaning as normal.  Deep gouges or cracks and extreme burns may need the attention of a professional solid surface repairman.  We recommend using a cutting board when using a knife on the surface.


Chemicals:  Acrylitec Surfaces is resistant to common chemicals like ammonia, mild acids, and trisodium phosphates. However, nail polish remover, strong acids, or concentrated bleach may cause hazing of the surface. This hazing can be removed by cleaning the area with a wet scratch pad, such as a Scotch-Brite cleaning pad.


Heat and Fire:  While Acrylitec Surfaces is heat and fire resistant, we recommend using a trivet or hot pad when placing hot pots or heat-generating appliances (e.g., electric skillets or electric cooking pots) on the surface. Fire resistant does not mean fire proof.

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Resists bacteria, mold, and mildew:  Acrylitec Surfaces is a nonporous surface that does not support the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew, which makes it an invaluable product for healthcare settings, gyms, retirement homes, and your home kitchens and bathrooms.


Invisible Seams


Hidden seams look better and stay cleaner:  Seams are an unavoidable part of installing large surfaces such as long countertops regardless of the material used. With Acrylitec Surfaces, however, the seams are invisible or remarkably hard to detect. This is more aesthetically pleasing than a seamed surface, and eliminates a place for crumbs, dirt, and bacteria to collect.


No Sealing or Painting Required


Remove the stress of sealing and painting:  Acrylitec Surfaces is low maintenance and does not need to be resealed every six months to avoid stains, unlike other surfacing products. Because there is no finish coat, there is no need to apply a finish, sand, and reapply, saving you time, and no need for expensive equipment, paint booths, or drying rooms, saving you money. Acrylitec Surfaces enables you to avoid the cost and hassle of regular repainting, sealing, and resurfacing because most stains and scratches can easily be removed.

More Stable Than Wood

Don’t worry about moisture retention:  Wood surfaces are subject to instability when faced with moisture and heat. Wood grain expands when it absorbs moisture, and even finished wood can dry and crack. Acrylitec Surfaces does not absorb moisture the way wood does, and though all solid surfaces may slightly expand and contract from extreme temperature changes, it does not crack under that stress.




Easy to thermoform and fabricate:  Acrylitec Surfaces can be heated until pliable and shaped to fit the most complex designs. Once cooled, it retains this shape, and can be installed in all spaces.

Wide Variety of Colors and Designs

We have the color and design to fit your installation:  Acrylitec Surfaces is available in a vast array of colors and patterns, including random large and small particulates in variegated, swirled, and veined patterns that do not repeat and infinite solid colors.


In addition to the vast color and particulate options, Acrylitec Surfaces can be printed with your custom images using a dye sublimation process. The heat and vacuum process permanently bonds the image to the pores of the surface, and the surface can then be thermoformed, fabricated, cleaned, and lightly sanded as usual.


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